The Great Pyramid of Giza, End Time Prophecies and King Cheops

The great pyramid of Giza, end time prophecies and king Cheops.
ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, THE PYRAMID OF GIZA, HAS remained an enigma even to pyramidologists. Scholars have devoted their life to the studies of this enigma, but few have been in a position to unravel the mystery behind the building of the edifice. The mystery of the mathematical precision of its dimensions, and the truth that this is being discovered at the moment shows even the accuracy of its own predictions-like Nostradamus who predicted his own death and the date when his body will be exhumed and transferred to a different grave. Unfortunately the entire implication of the pyramid and its prophecies must continue being an enigma as long as the essential issues are neglected.
Through the Grail Message, enlightenment also came to mankind on the significance of this work.
The pyramid was built about six thousand five hundred years ago-two thousand five hundred years prior to the destruction of Troy (which coincided with the era of Abraham); four thousand 500 years B.C.E. and three thousand years before Moses. It had been built about five thousand five hundred years following the sinking of Atlantis. In my earlier write-up about Atlantis, I indicated that the true Atlanteans, or the Erarians, all perished when Atlantis sank, and made up what today we describe because the Arian race within their further incarnations. Many may have been area of the then home of knowledge in Chaldea, the then world center of knowledge. Also it was in Chaldea that the pyramid of Giza was conceptualized. Clairvoyants and mediums of high repute were able to start to see the replica of the pyramid in the beyond, and were commissioned to wait for the master builder who’ll translate it to the material world. Which master builder was to be found in Arabia. His name was Pyramon.
Pyramon journeyed to Chaldea because he has been told by the Wiseman in Arabia, who studied under Sargon the Priest-King of Chaldea, whose name was Magog, that his life work is based on likely to the land of the wise men to receive instructions on the building of a prophetic monument on the planet, which is an earthly imitation of the pyramid that exists at the source of creations. (The one at the summit of creations is a diamond crystal subsumed by flames.)There he was presented with the style of the pyramid which he’s got often seen in his dreams. He was told that the giants is only going to work with him or no-one else, and that the pyramid is definitely the last work that the giants will do in collaboration with humans.
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Perhaps it is necessary to describe who the giants are. To explain that would entail going into mythology, at least, to bring out the essential remnants of knowledge that has been transmitted to us through fables and myth. For instance, we realize through the Greek mythology that there is an Atlas that held the sky at the summit of the Atlas Mountains. And we also know through the Greeks that there have been gods who interact with humans. But what may sound strange to people is these so called gods remain around today, and that some human beings still interact with them because they see them. Of more recent controversies is the fact that some people, just like the famous author of Shylock Holmes group of detective works, were able to see these and documented their interaction with gnomes.
Among this group of beings are giants. These giants have their field of activity, not in the ethereal plane, but in the medium gross matter, referred to as the astral plane by mystical pseudoscience. There is also the ability to just work at the various intermediate planes between the astral plane and the physical world. That has been why it was easy for visitors to see them with particularly sensitive physical eyes. That has been also why they can work on the physical world simultaneously as the astral world, also having their influence in the ethereal. They caused Hjalfder millions of years ago, with Ororun in Atlantis twelve thousand years back, and were the guardians of the treasures of Ara-Mazda’s ruined palace in Iran. But their last active collaboration with human beings was during the construction of the great pyramid. They’re called the giants because of their great size. This aught to be differentiated from those giant beings whose duties will be the protection of places of worship.
The precise position of the pyramid was carefully selected. It is meant to be at the center of the world, ninety degrees east of the Bermuda triangle. Which center had not been in Chaldea; not in Arabia however in Egypt. Today it might be identified at the exact intercession point between longitude 30 degrees east and latitude 30 degrees north. Initially this is meant to be the intersection between latitude 0 degree and longitude zero degrees. But the use of modern units changed all that-coupled with the fact that the planet earth has been changing in its orbital position due to increasing rigidity caused by dark ethereal clouds.It really is separated from the Bermuda triangle by 90 degrees.
On being instructed by Sargon the Priest king of Chaldea, Gum Kolbe, a hoary old man of over two hundred years, and who looked far younger, was assigned to instruct him using a model that was already constructed with the objective. Pyramon had later to build another model all by himself to acquaint himself of the down sides and challenges involved. At this time, Tishbe, a teenager who was linked to Pyramon with a supra earthly bond of love, came to Chaldea from Arabia and was briefly with him before he left for Akeru in Egypt. Tishbe’s job was to greatly help fight the Luciferian religious cults that demand for the glorification of the feminine body, killings and falsehood because of its sustenance. She later visited meet Pyramon in Egypt and was able to prevent him from being poisoned a second time by among the priestesses of the new god, Septu, also referred to as Lucifer or Baal. Priestesses of this “god” had once attempted to murder Pyramon through poison to prevent him from completing the pyramid. Each of them but succeeded, and Pyramon was In coma for many weeks. All of the healers of Akeru did everything they know of but to no avail, hence that they had no option but to appeal to the Elemental lord of healing and medicine to personally intervene. Aesculapius heeded their request and came by himself. His lower subordinates, the gods of thunder and lightning, displayed in the announcement of his coming, and he came and could unite Pyramon back again to his body.