Sexy is, as Sexy Does

We sell womens sexy lingerie and clubwear. A friend of mine was going through our web site the other day, and asked me this question “Why do you guys say sexy and hot with the plus sized stuff ?” My friend just fell off my cool list. I thought my friend was cool, but, if he does not know the essence of sexy, then he can not be cool. Sexy is as sexy does! Sexy is not about being the perfect size. Sexy is not about being a supermodel. Sexy is not about showing skin. Sexy is the combination of many elements that come together. Sexy lingerie and clubwear are about accentuating those elements, no matter what size or shape the wearer is. I know the media still pushes thin. That’s because, it’s what they THINK, we want. They don’t know that plump can be sexy. Prepagos Bogota

Women come in many sizes and shapes. All women are not sexy. All women can be sexy. The first step to any woman being sexy is, she must KNOW she is sexy. Knowing you are sexy is the base, the foundation, of the attitude that creates sex appeal. This is true for men and women. Self confidence is a very large part of sexiness.

Conduct is the next element in true sex appeal. Hold yourself up. Behave in a sexy manner. Be sexy. This does not mean be a floozy (polite term). Being easy, and sleazy, is not sexy. In fact, one of the elements of sexiness is mystery. Read my article on M.E.T (Mystery, Excitement, and Tease). IT is about giving yourself the presence of sex appeal.

Mae West was one of the most sensual women that ever lived. She was not some toothpick walking down a runway. Her sexiness oozed out of every poor in her body. She used her eyes, and facial expressions. She used her voice, and body language, to convey her sexual presence. She knew how to use her strengths, and hide her weaknesses. Mae West was a plump gal, especially by the time she did “Little Chickadee” and she had men drooling for her. She used her personality traits in a sexual manner. She acted sexy, she believed she was sexy, and therefore she was sexy. Even her wit was a sex appeal. Sexy is as sexy does. Marilyn Monroe was another great example of sexy presence, also not a size 2. I have heard women say, “Oh, I can’t wear that, I haven’t the body for it.”. If that is how you feel, then you are correct. If you look at it and think, “He is going to want to lick my high heels when he sees me in this.”. Then you have the essence of sexiness.

We have all seen women throwing skimpy clothing on, that is two sizes, too small. That is not sexy. That is a gross misuse of sexy clothing. Sexy lingerie and clubwear are tools that a sexy woman uses to her advantage. Throwing something on just to show skin, is like using a screwdriver as a hammer, you might get the nail in, but, your going to have to work a lot harder at it. To quote Mae West, “I like my clothes to be tight enough to show I’m a woman… but loose enough to show I’m a lady.”.

You need to be aware of what your strengths are, and accentuate them. You must be aware of what your weaknesses are, and now how to cloak them. Mae West understood this, and used her wardrobe as tools to enhance her sex appeal, not create it. Another Mae West quote was “You can say what you like about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.”. Your strengths are going to be as individualized as you are. There have many many sex symbols throughout history, and the came in all sizes and shapes. Anna Nicole Smith (in all her sizes), Zsa Zsa Gabor, Delta Burke, Queen Latifah, and Cleopatra (was plumper than the movies ever showed) just to name a few off the top of my head.

Know you are sexy, have a sexy presence, learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, learn how to create mystery, excitement, and tease. Wear clothing that uses your strengths, and hides your weaknesses. Then you can find the essence of true sexiness. We can provide the sexy lingerie and clubwear for you to use in your arsenal, it’s up to you, the wearer, to use them correctly. The question is, are you sexy enough to wear our lingerie and clubwear? Sexy is, as sexy does. Since I used Mae West as an example, here are some great Mae West Quotes that embodied her sexual presence:

  1. I don’t like myself, I’m crazy about myself.