Other Pets For Sale

You want to get a pet for yourself or for your child but you don’t want a pet that takes up much room or that smells too much, so what do you get? No animal will smell if you clean it regularly. When you’re thinking about a pet look up information on how to care for it. What does the food cost? What kind of exercise does this pet need? How do you clean it or how long will it take to clean it’s cage? Does the pet need to be spayed or neutered? What are typical vet bills for this pet? These are all good questions to ponder when thinking about getting a pet. buy pets online

Lizards are an easy to care for pet and they don’t smell. Lizards eat crickets.

Rabbits are small, easy, care pets which don’t need to be bathed. They are lots of fun but they like to chew so you will need to bunny proof your home. Sometimes you can get rabbits at a rescue group or the SPCA. Rabbits are very affectionate and they don’t require a lot of space. You can feed your rabbit once a day so they won’t need lots of attention. If you get wired bottom cages for them it will be easier to clean. There are many types of rabbits out there that will be easy to care for.

Small rodents as white mice, hamsters and gerbils are good small pets too. Their cages won’t smell if you keep it clean and use cedar bedding to control the odours. Rodents are inexpensive pets to keep because all they need is a cage, bedding, food and water. You can also pick up chew toys and treats for your rodents at the pet stores. Usually you have to clean their cages once a month so they aren’t a high maintenance pet

Beta fish or fish are another small pet. The initial costs for the aquarium or the fish bowel will be your main cost. You will have to feed the fish once a day or get some fish food that lasts up to 5 days so you won’t have to feed the fish as often. You will have to clean the fish tank every so often or fish bowl as it will smell after awhile.