Five Sure Ways to Trade Your Money For Unhealthy Food

It is a jungle out there, and just like in any wild environment there are dangers you may not expect. Like what? How about those hidden perils lingering on your supermarket shelves? 먹튀사이트

No, not the prices – although those certainly can hurt your pocketbook. The threats hiding in your supermarket come from unhealthy food products grabbed at random. Get a wrong package of snack, and suddenly you weaken your immune system. Purchase frozen dinners or tortilla chips -well, those can trigger allergic reaction or heart disease. Around every corner of every isle there’s predatory unhealthy food waiting for you.

Even if you are a careful shopper you can get lost in the forest of labels and be caught unaware. The commercial food industry experts have realized that shoppers want healthy food. So they put tantalizing tags that “sound” healthy, but in reality it is  just a very pretty package. Yes, they add healthy ingredients but often forget to remove the unhealthy ones like MSG, trans fats, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and a long list of other chemicals that undermine our health and overall well being.

Consider fat-free soy milk as an example. Some manufacturers add monoglycerides to it to replace fat, and some people are sensitive to them. Our bodies are not designed to process these things, nor do they need to!

Think of it this way: it’s almost impossible to read every label you come across especially if you’re on the run, stressed out, and juggling 101 responsibilities. It’s even easier to get your nutrition-free empty calories from unhealthy food when you come into the store unprepared. So how do you end up trading your money for unhealthy food?

1. You are on a hunt for bargain.

I don’t blame you, everyone is these days. Remember that easily available price-reduced processed food is an easy catch because it is a dead food. If you are on a budget, aim to get whole “live” foods on sale. Fresh produce is often cheaper anyway.

2. You are tired and stressed, and shop in a rush.
You are a perfect prey. Studies repeatedly show that people who hurry through the store not only spend more money, but also end up making more unhealthy choices. Did you ever wonder why those little displays are located near the end of every isle? Why some foods are located on the middle shelf right in front of your eyes? These are the hot spots of shopper’s attention. They target the unprepared visitors to this jungle, namely hurried shoppers, shoppers easily influenced by advertising, and those who don’t spend much time comparing price points, ingredients, and product value.

3. You don’t know what’s inside the package

There are thousands of additives and chemicals used in food production. Your lifetime may not be enough to study all of them even if you wanted to. Get this information from the trusted sources. Make up a healthy shopping list that fits your lifestyle. Let it be your navigation guide in the jungle.

4. You don’t care what’s inside the package or prefer to trust the label

You just want to live your life without constant worry about food choices and their consequences. You want to trust people – and labels they put on the package. It’s understandable.

Now step into the manufacturer’s shoes. Wouldn’t you want your products to have a longer shelf life to prevent the loss of profit? What if you produced high-fat and high-sugar products? How would you advertise them? There are candies called ‘fat-free’ on the cover, and ‘sugar-free’ chips. Guess what? It’s the part of truth that is was chosen for the display on the package. Another part is that candies are high in sugar and chips are high in fat.

5. You are too busy to make a well-planned, healthy grocery shopping list.

Maybe, it’s time to rearrange your priorities? Nutrition is not a drive-through commodity. It’s mindful and proactive, and improves your life by  preventing and curing obesity and a plethora of health conditions. Narrow your choices – your list is a good starting point. Download a healthy shopping list and adjust it to your needs.

Some people reading this may say, “I just don’t have time!”

There are ways to save time when you shop (time that you can use for learning about healthy and unhealthy food!).