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          Activated Carbon with Superpolar Capacitance
          Calcinator for Catalyst Materials
          Silicon carbon anode
          Activated Carbon Carbonization
          Cathode and cathode materials for lithium batteries
          Laboratory equipment
          Calcinator for Rare Earth Chemical Industry
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          xianyang Research & Design Institute of Ceramics Industry, Equipment sector, appertain China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM). The unit has a strong background of scientific and technological strength, we has been carrying out a variety of furnace thermal research equipment design, manufacturing, installation and integration services such as technical advice. The unit introducing advanced foreign technology to customer needs as the starting point, the products include :converter、period intermittent/continuous reheating kiln、roller hearth kiln、pushed slab kiln, etc.. Widely used in: lithium-ion batteries materials、ceramic material、Carbon、Kaolin China clay、 rare earth materials, chemical catalyst materials, magnetic materials, powder metallurgical materials, non-ferrous metal materials and non-metallic mineral materials, etc..
          We specializes in the development of technology and equipment designed specifically for users to test materials, the provision of scientific programs and to provide users with the application of high-quality products , and strive to make our products more reasonable .We use more sophisticated materials, design a more beautiful, more convenient operation , energy-saving better and last longer.
          We will adhere to continuous developing, construction of high-performance, product quality, reasonable price, perfect service. Your satisfaction is what we need to promote our development. Please enjoy the valuable service provided by Easy Fashion. 
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          Add:No.210,West Yuquan Rd,Xian yang City
          Phone:13992091608   13992057856    Tel:029-33579267    Fax:029-38136111
          Email:source@sinokiln.com    Weburl:http://www.wwwvertele.com
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